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Integrate SEO into your workflow

SEO has the greatest chance of success when it’s integrated into your team’s workflow—not siloed. Siteimprove’s Activity Plans allow teams to customize their way of working with SEO. Whether it’s resolving issues that hurt search engine visibility, monitoring keywords, analyzing competitors, optimizing content, or proving ROI, Activity Plans merge all relevant insights in one, customizable place.  


Benchmark your website's SEO performance

Before you dive into optimization, it’s crucial to know where your website stands, so you can benchmark your performance and track progress towards your goals.Quickly gauge your SEO performance with dashboard SEO ScoresOn-page diagnostics and the SiteimproveDCI® Industry Benchmark show how your website stacks up to the rest of the market. Siteimprove SEO includes On-Page Diagnosiswith 70+ SEO checks.  


Use the prioritized list of issues and recommendations for a snapshot of what needs fixing first to improve.  


Drive content optimization

See where your content has optimization gaps by looking at high traffic keywords and filtering based on your strategy, search volume, or estimated traffic. Add your target keywords to your Activity Plans, where you can kickstart content optimizationwith practical, best practice recommendations. Siteimprove's Duplicate Content Finder detects similar content clusters, so you can focus on addressing SEO performance killers.  

On-page diagnostics

Siteimprove SEO incorporates 66 unique SEO checks, including scans for missing meta descriptions, spelling mistakes, broken links, outdated files, poor readability, and links to unsafe domains.

How you perform against these checks make up your SEO Score, measured on a scale of 0-100. Separated into Technical, Content, User Experience, and Mobile standards, errors are highlighted directly on the page and in the HTML for those working behind-the-scenes.

Siteimprove SEO's on-page diagnostics include:

  • Prioritized list of hands-on recommendations
  • Difficulty level rankings to help you define necessary time and resources
  • SEO Score and industry benchmarks to gauge performance at a glance

Activity plans

With customizable Activity Plans, Siteimprove SEO offers an intuitive way to monitor, track, and showcase the progress of your SEO efforts.

Whether you’re aiming for quick wins, want to tackle high impact issues first, or prefer to divide and conquer based on issue type, complexity, or page views, prioritization is now a piece of cake. Create Activity Plans based on roles, departments, or regions to make the division of work that much easier.

  • Kickstart content strategy with Keyword Discovery and Suggestions
  • Get ahead of your biggest competitors with Competitor Analysis
  • Get pages right from the very beginning with built-in Content Optimization

Keyword insights

Keyword DiscoverySuggestionsand Monitoring

Learning which queries and terms made your site appear in search results helps you understand your audience, avoid jargon, and truly speak their language. Through a direct integration of Google’s Search Console, Siteimprove SEO helps you understand how the world’s most popular search engine and its users see and—more importantly—find your website.

Discover traffic-driving keywords and filter them based on strategy, including:

  • Quick wins, high impact, or long-tail keywords
  • Keyword performance
  • Search volume, estimated traffic, and competition level

Siteimprove SEO also provides in-tool tips on where to start and how to get the most out of your keyword research and monitoring. Let the content creation begin.

Content optimization

No one said writing SEO-optimized content was a walk in the park. Whether you're an SEO specialist first and a content writer second—or the other way around—Siteimprove SEO guides you every step of the way.

Based on the keywords you identify within a given Activity Plannext steps are to:

  • Identify your target pages that use those keywords
  • Map keywords into page elements like meta title, meta description, and headlines
  • Be linked straight to your CMS and fix the issues hurting your SEO rankings
  • Monitor progress of target pages over time

Duplicate content finder

Bad news: Identifying duplicate or competing content by hand is impossible considering the amount of content on your website. Good news: Siteimprove SEO does the heavy-lifting for you.

Our intelligent, machine-learning algorithm divides your site into clusters based on similarity levels. Based on these insights, you can remove or edit potentially harmful content and minimize the risk of being punished by Google and the other search engine gods.

Search engine analytics

To succeed at SEO, you have to know what the market wants, where they're coming from, and how engaged they are with your content. By integrating with Siteimprove Analytics, features like Key Metrics allow you to accurately measure ROI by attaching a monetary value to every effort.

With Search Engine Analytics at hand:

  • Prove ROI to stakeholders by attaching value to conversions
  • Build a data-driven SEO strategy by integrating analytics insights
  • Understand which search engines visitors come from and how long they stay
  • Monitor traffic for specific keywords

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO analysis evaluates the current state of your website against key search engine ranking factors. It provides you with an overview of the areas where your website is doing well, what parts need improvement, and whether there are any issues to fix. 

SEO analysis tools crawl your entire website in the same way a search engine would. Along the way, it flags errors and issues that you need to fix to boost your SEO. 

The algorithm behind the Siteimprove SEO tool has been developed in-houseThat means that in addition to simply highlighting SEO issues, it ranks them by importance and how difficult they are to address. This gives you a SEO roadmap to follow, so you know exactly which issues to tackle and in what order. 

The Siteimprove SEO tool checks for 66 individual organic searcissues across 10 different categories. These include error codes, redirects, images, headings, meta data, and more.  

While this depends on the state of your websitein general, you must first address any critical issues that prevent Google and other search engines from crawling it. If they can’t crawl it, they won’t be able to index it and make it visible to searchers.  

Once SEO-blocking crawlability issues are resolved, you’ll want to focus on your website content. This step makes sure that your website properly addresses the informational needs of your target audience. You should then move on to fix any pressing user experience and mobile optimization issues. 

Fortunately, when you use an SEO analysis tool, you don’t have to rely on guesswork. With Siteimprove’s SEO tool, you’ll always have an exhaustive overview of every SEO issue to hand. 

The tool will give you a SEO Score ranging from 0 to 100. This score aggregates four distinct scoring categories: 

  • Technical SEO 
  • Content 
  • User experience 
  • Mobile 

A good SEO Score is 80 and above, but you should work on getting it as close to 100 as possible if you want to climb higher up the rankings.