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Our program

Siteimprove employees are spreading awareness by teaching accessibility and inclusion at educational institutions. Groups of Siteimprovers will come to your school and hold a one-hour session to open students’ eyes to different challenges impacting people with disabilities. We tell the stories of the people experiencing exclusion and engage with the students about tools and strategies they can use to remove accessibility barriers. It is our hope that they will go on to create new solutions that make inclusion an uncomplicated, commonplace standard.

Students will make the difference

Engaging with friends or brands, planning vacations, and enrolling in classes are commonplace online activities for everyone. But more than that, they connect us to the world. When this connection is broken, our ability to engage is removed. The exclusions that inaccessibility causes can be eliminated with mindful tools and planning. Designers, coders, content creators, business managers (and more) have the ability to erase many online limitations for people with blindness, low vision, dyslexia, arthritis, aging, and more.

It’s the responsibility of every designer when they start designing, every writer when they start writing, and every coder when they start coding. A disability or an impairment should not be a barrier to connecting with the world.

For this reason, we offer presentations targeted to UX designers, developers and business managers. If you have specific needs for content or duration, we will of course customize the presentation. You can contact us no matter which school you are from and we are open to do presentations for business networks as well.

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