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Achieving industry-leading web standards and digital performance within the financial industry

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  • Establish consolidated overview of website metrics including universal reporting and dashboards
  • Simplify processes for detecting website issues and identifying step-by-step solutions
  • Achieve industry-leading standards for website accessibility, SEO, quality assurance, and site speed
  • Improve team alignment on digital marketing KPI’s and website management processes in order to scale digital strategies


  • Siteimprove delivered an all-in-one platform that addressed all areas of website performance they were looking to advance including SEO, accessibility, and quality assurance
  • Identified actionable insights on site content and website issues that their team could easily address and track for progress
  • Implemented automated dashboards improving collaboration and alignment on KPI’s across the business
  • Developed sitewide policies to help scope out projects and improve project management


  • Reduced time spent setting up manual dashboards by 66%
  • Optimized webpage load times and improved visitor experience
  • Easily identified and solved website issues such as broken links across the website
  • Improved quality score by 32.8%, accessibility score by 19.3%, SEO score by 7.1%
  • Developed a seamless digital experience and achieved leading website performance scores for the financial industry

By implementing Siteimprove into their workflow, Scotiabank was able to develop advanced reporting and metrics across their organization to dramatically improve website performance and ROI.  


Using Siteimprove’s all-in-one platform, the digital team at Scotiabank was able to transform website operations, implementing site-wide policies, universal dashboards, and KPI tracking metrics to achieve key corporate goals and deliver leading website experiences for their customers.

The full story

Scotiabank is a leading Canadian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with over 90,000 employees globally. The digital team at Scotiabank prides itself on delivering the most efficient online banking journey and user experience for their customers. As online banking and the shift to digital continues to evolve, it is crucial that the company delivers a comprehensive digital experience that instills trust with their customers.

With a large focus on digital experience, Scotiabank strives to lead the financial industry with the highest website performance and optimization scores and best practices. They operate with the mindset that website optimization does not only benefit the design of websites, but has a direct impact on their revenue and KPI’s. With great site health and performance, prospects are directed to your website more easily, spend more time getting familiar with your brand, and are inclined to progress through the customer journey more quickly.   

With an enormous digital presence, including 50 corporate websites with over 16,000 webpages across 38 regions, monitoring and adhering to website best practices became very challenging for Scotiabank. Due to the lack of content metrics, the web team struggled to identify performance issues on the site and implement plans for fixes. As well, without universal metrics, a lot of manual work was required to produce any reporting dashboards for the team. Therefore, reporting became very fragmented with each department pulling their own reports based on different scores. This made it increasingly difficult to present a proper roadmap to leadership on their KPI performance and action plans. It was increasingly evident that they required enhanced insights to help them properly track their website optimization and performance.

Scotiabank began looking at a variety of solutions to help with their digital needs, however most options they came across acted as point solutions for single issues and did not provide the scope of detail they required. They finally were introduced to Siteimprove which they were delighted to discover addressed all the key digital areas they were looking to enhance such as SEO, quality assurance, and accessibility. They were able to easily set up consolidated dashboards with key metrics that were accessible across the organization to successfully review and measure against KPI’s. In addition, they set up site-wide policies to identify and provide solutions for project planning and management. By having all these key tools in one solution, Scotiabank was able to scale their strategies across partner and business lines in order to achieve operational excellence.

Within weeks of implementing the platform, Scotiabank was able to resolve major gaps within their digital strategy and dramatically improve collaboration and website management across their organization. They immediately set up processes to identify and fix website errors. For instance, they quickly fixed various broken links on public webpages and improved their overall quality score by 30-40%.

“The platform helped immensely with our operational excellence. By implementing policies and utilizing modules within the platform, we were able to scope the scale of our website errors and strategically implemented changes to drastically boost our site health scores on overall digital experience.”
Jin Kim, Senior Manager, eCommerce & Operations at Scotiabank.

With reporting dashboards and insights that were now accessible across departments, the team could accurately track against their KPIs and effectively manage projects and business goals. With the detailed month-to-month reporting they were able to optimize and improve their performance scores to sit at above 90% in each category.

The team was finally able to get the detailed data they required for presentations to leadership such as validating KPI’s for projects they were running and supporting specialized projects including AODA remediations. With these new capabilities, the team has been able to dramatically reduce the amount of time they were spending on manual reporting and instead can focus the time on developing and advancing their digital strategy. Finally, the platform has transformed the way the web and digital team operates at Scotiabank, providing them more flexibility, collaboration and insight into their website performance and optimization tactics.  




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