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If you’re someone who creates a lot of PowerPoint decks in your job, but haven’t taken the time to think about whether or not the slideshows you’re creating are actually accessible, now would be time to start. In this video, Jennifer Doyle, Head of Field Marketing, Canada at Siteimprove, shares the small changes you can start making today.

If there’s one important accessibility consideration you must know when it comes to PowerPoint, it’s to check the reading order. If you add or move elements, you have to make sure the reading order is correct so that assistive technology users read the information in the order that makes the most sense. The Selection Pane displays your items in the opposite order they will be read because assistive technology will read them like “layers” from the bottom up.

Rearranging a slide’s reading order is easy.

Step 1: On the Home tab, choose Select or Arrange

Step 2: Click Selection Pane

Step 3: Click and drag items in the Selection Pane to move them, or select one and use the up and down arrows

Remember that the Selection Pane displays your items in the opposite order, so make sure the thing you want read first is on the bottom and the thing you want read last is on the top.

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