Compelling design

Fully customizable look and feel with your company logo, targeted messaging, and more, to share with internal or external partners. Configurable email templates help you save time and communicate more efficiently.

Powerful visualizations

Define the look of your data, limit the number of rows, filter by site/group, set widget width, and more. Choose from over 15 types of visualizations such as charts, graphs, table, etc.

Insightful data

Report across issues, tasks, campaigns, products, business goals, KPIs or focus areas across a selected time period. Choose from over 650+ widgets available.

Customizable widgets

Over 650 customizable widgets allow you to create tailored dashboard reports gathering insights across the platform depending on your needs, goals, and user roles in your organization. Take full control of how to visualize information: Define widget title, number of items per page, widget width to underline significance, time frame, filters by site/group, and more. You can make your reports as generalized or as specific as you need: For example, you can choose to create a digital marketing dashboard report with metrics on your SEO and paid search campaigns, or a management dashboard report showing a top-level view of the state of your websites.

Personalized email report templates

To make your reports recognizable, relevant, and understandable, you can fully customize the email report templates, for example by adding a targeted message, organizing elements into sections, changing colors or adding your company logo.

Flexible report scheduling

You can easily email a dashboard report or schedule it to be sent regularly to your team members, management or external agency. With a choice of frequency, delivery time, and time zone you make sure all your recipients get the reports when it’s most convenient. You can also export your report as a pdf file and HTML.

System dashboards

Our easy-to-read system dashboards provide a highly visual overview of your business performance and are ready to go as you need them. Take advantage of our extensive library of pre-built dashboards to share with team members or wider audience, and – depending on your requirements– send out with a frequency that you choose e.g. weekly or monthly.

With Siteimprove Dashboard Reports you can now bring together all data that matters to you and your team in one place. Customizable widgets let you surface insights from across multiple products to fit your needs.

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