Scott Nash, previously of Oracle and Adobe Marketo, joins Siteimprove as CPO

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Siteimprove, the leading digital performance platform, announced today that Scott Nash will join as Chief Product Officer. Nash’s 20+ years of experience leading high-performing product organizations at enterprise scale companies like Oracle and Adobe Marketo will further strengthen Siteimprove’s product capabilities for enterprise organizations.   

Copenhagen – October 1, 2021– Siteimprove, the leading digital performance platform, announced today that Scott Nash will join as Chief Product Officer. Nash joins Siteimprove with extensive product leadership experience from enterprise organizations such as Oracle and Adobe Marketo.  

“Scott has years of proven executive leadership experience and a demonstrated track record developing new applications and product lines into multi-million dollar profit centers,” said Siteimprove CEO Shane Paladin. He continued, “With Scott leading our product organization, Siteimprove will further cement our position as the global provider of digital performance software for enterprise businesses.”  

Following years of double digital growth and awards for Siteimprove’s product offering, Nash will focus on further scaling the company’s platform, building a top-performing product team, and deepening the platform’s capabilities.  

“We’re excited to bring someone with such a strong product background into the organization. Under Scott’s leadership, Siteimprove will continue their growth trajectory to reach new heights,” said Siteimprove CEO Shane Paladin.  

He continued, “Scott’s experience scaling products during the hyper-growth stage, designing cloud architecture, managing cloud platforms, recruiting and developing strong teams, and consistently producing outstanding results will strengthen and elevate Siteimprove’s product offering.”  

Prior to joining Siteimprove, Nash served as the Vice President of Products at Decision Engines, where he led the design and development of a cloud-based AI platform. Previously, Scott guided the product roadmap at Adobe Marketo, leading the product team responsible for a SaaS platform handling two billion transactions per month. He has also held senior product leadership positions at GT Nexus, C3, and Oracle.  

“Siteimprove has proven itself the leader in helping enterprise companies deliver better customer experiences. Now we need to create even more value for our customers, deepen our product capabilities, widen our ecosystem, and scale our infrastructure. Siteimprove has an incredible opportunity to become the hero behind the hero by helping companies offer truly exceptional experiences to their customers. I am excited and honored to be joining the company on this journey,” said Scott Nash, CPO of Siteimprove.  

“Siteimprove has a world-class product offering, providing a strong platform and foundation for creating even more valuable product experiences for our customers and further scaling the business,” said Nash.  

Nash joins Siteimprove on October 1, 2021.  

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