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Take the guesswork out of analytics

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What is the best way to build credibility with customers?

The answer goes well beyond first impressions and customer service. These days, what solidifies a business-to-customer relationship is when a business notices the diverse needs of its customers and elevates their online experience accordingly. By using Siteimprove Analytics, Amplify Credit Union in Austin, Texas, ditched the guessing game and began channeling the mindset of its client base.

“Your customers notice that. They can tell that you’ve bent over backwards to cater to their experience,” said Felicia Morales, Digital Marketing Strategist at Amplify Credit Union.

Turning the Lights On

Prior to Siteimprove Analytics, the Amplify team was using Google Analytics, which gave them heaps of data, but it was up to the marketing department to dig around for the numbers they truly needed. All that digging was cutting into time better spent elsewhere. They needed a solution that could deliver actionable analytics.

“When I saw the Siteimprove Analytics tool, it was exactly that: it was decluttering everything that Google Analytics has to offer but streamlining it and presenting it to us in such a way that could immediately answer the questions that we as marketers needed to answer.”

Amplify had a range of unanswered questions. How are users moving around our website? What devices are they using? Are they here for online banking or are they looking for a loan? Are we seeing a return on investment (ROI) from our advertising campaigns?

“Siteimprove helps us turn on the lights. If we can see that someone is clicking around on an empty page, all of the tools are right there to help figure out, OK, what were they looking for that they didn’t find? What could we have done to get this person what they were looking for and get them to another page on the site closer to buying something with us? Without those tools, we’d just be guessing.”

The moment the lights came on became a pivotal point in re-evaluating their marketing and content strategy efforts.

The Power of Data

Analytics features like Event Tracking and Behavior Maps have become a vital part of Amplify’s strategy, painting a clearer picture of every visitor’s path, which in turn helps the credit union stay on top of website improvements.

“Siteimprove provides us a better understanding of how our members think and what interests them so we can plan for the future,” said Morales.

Having the ability to apply filters was a game changer in assessing advertising ROI. Now they can segment out the people who visit the website for online banking from those looking for something more.

“Now we’re able to see the results of our advertising efforts and see the growth in our business from month to month… The data is 100% transparent. With the data and weekly reports, we are able to make immediate changes before it’s too late and provide a better member experience.”

With a tight budget, Amplify needs to keep a close eye on how advertising campaigns perform to ensure quality traffic to their website. The marketing team is now armed with solid, real-time data that not only proves ROI, but saves them ample time to focus on content.

“ Harnessing the power of our existing data is going to help us in the long run be secure with what money we spend and how we go after new customers. ” - Felicia Morales, Digital Marketing Strategist

Customer-centric Marketing

Starting small, Amplify performed a content analysis on their About Us page. The team pulled a variety of analytics information, including behavior mapping data, to understand customer preferences and how the organization could improve on the page’s content.

And for a credit union with so many pages and products, this is a crucial practice step in crafting appropriate content throughout the website.

“Being able to break down each product into different funnels and lead people to the right content on our site at the right time, that’s something we’re able to do now and that we can see the value in doing… We’re matching people to the products they actually need so they can keep building out their lives; by not doing that, we’re not serving them,” said Morales.

Armed with powerful analytics, the Amplify team no longer needs to guess what visitors want, and can now be certain that their efforts are making an impact on their audience.

“ We’re matching people to the products they actually need so they can keep building out their lives; by not doing that, we’re not serving them. ”


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