Starting February 2021, all public authorities within the EU will be required to provide defined statistics around usage and feedback on their services in a new central repository managed by the European Commission – the Single Digital Gateway (SDG). Integrating and extending existing European-level portals, websites, networks, services and systems, the new gateway will serve as a single-entry point aiming to simplify the life of citizens and businesses who want to live and/or do business in another EU country. 

How does the SDG connector help our customers?

The new EU regulation requires that all levels of government make information on rules, procedures for complying with these rules, and related assistance services available to EU citizens through the Single Digital Gateway.

Easily accessible through the Siteimprove platform, the pre-built Single Digital Gateway integration allows Siteimprove customers with an existing Analytics subscription to automatically share their statistics with the new European portal, eliminating any additional development work and removing the inconvenience of manual data submission.

What does the Siteimprove SDG connector offer?

  • Easy one-off setup through the Siteimprove platform
  • No manual operation necessary – Siteimprove shares data with the Single Digital Gateway automatically
  • Analytics data is shared in full compliance with the respective EU regulation

Which data does the Siteimprove SDG connector share?

On a monthly basis, Siteimprove automatically provides statistics related to your information services to the Single Digital Gateway, including number of visits to your website, countries from which users are accessing your website, and type of devices used.


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Before you can connect to the Single Digital Gateway from the Siteimprove platform you will need:

  • The API from the EU commission

Find further information in the Siteimprove platform on our “Single Digital Gateway Connection” page.