Siteimprove URL shortener is a part of Siteimprove Analytics. It allows you to shorten URLs while you implement tracking so you can see how a particular link performs in emails or campaigns.

With this integration, within the Siteimprove CMS plugin you can see data from Siteimprove URL shortener that allows you to check how your pages are connected and avoid unpublishing pages with shortened URLs.

Siteimprove URL Shortener is available for customers with Siteimprove Analytics and allows you to shorten URLs and monitor their usage.

With the Siteimprove URL shortener, you can:

  • Make the most of limited space: A short URL helps you work within character limitations
  • Keep your data safe: Unlike other free URL shorteners, Siteimprove never collects or shares user data with third parties
  • Stay organized: When you shorten URLs with Siteimprove, you can see an overview of all your shortened URLs so you can compare performance.

If you have Siteimprove Analytics, connect your Siteimprove URL shortener to your Siteimprove account with a single click.

Learn how here