Speed up your website optimization process. Transform your site’s Accessibility, Policy, Performance, and SEO issues detected by Siteimprove into Jira issues directly from the platform. From here, ensure these issues are assigned to and fixed by the right teams.

Jira is a well-known project management tool that helps many companies around the world with planning, tracking, and managing their software development projects. Some website issues that Siteimprove identifies need to be fixed by teams with different areas of expertise, that's where the integration between Jira and Siteimprove comes in handy. You can easily assign tasks to the right teams and track the progress of these issues to ensure they get fixed.

  • Remove unnecessary work by creating a Jira issue directly from the Siteimprove platform
  • Head directly to the issue within the Siteimprove platform so your team can easily find and fix it
  • See the status of the Jira issues directly from the Siteimprove platform to ensure they’re being taken care of
  • Keep reporting clear for everyone thanks to automatic labels on every issue

For customers using Jira Software Cloud and Jira On-prem (i.e. private installations), we provide the ability to connect your Siteimprove subscription to your Jira account. Learn how here.