Consumers have one pot of money to spend on holiday purchases. If you don’t get it first, someone else will. According to Adobe Digital Insights, one in every six dollars spent during the 2018 holiday season will come from online sales. U.S. shoppers are projected to spend nearly 15% more shopping online in 2018 than they did in 2017. Similar spending patterns are evident across the globe.

Year-over-year increases in online spending is the news marketers want to hear. Rakuten Marketing reports that 2017 Cyber Monday revenue outperformed Black Friday by 68 percent. Buyers, motivated by awesome digital campaigns, race to your website, place an order, and quickly complete their check out in one seamless flow. It sounds beautiful. However, it’s rarely realistic. Hiccups and complications obstruct the best-laid marketing plans. Cue the live analytics.

Live analytics are a dynamic visualization of what’s happening on your website in the moment. A live analytics tool like Siteimprove illustrates live traffic streaming onto your website. Heat maps illuminate visitor clicks; the most popular pages and page views are identified, and the origination of traffic sources is shown, among other data. That’s all great, but how do live analytics make a difference on a hectic day like Cyber Monday? The answer is real-time speed.

Take a look at the challenges digital marketers confront every year when Cyber Monday rolls around.

Traffic spikes suddenly and drops off with no explanation

Your campaign’s in motion and it’s going amazingly well when suddenly your spike in traffic drops without explanation.

Keep an eye on Performance Issues

Having a smooth, glitch-free experience right through the shopping festivities is, of course, the foundation of every successful Cyber Monday campaign. Live analytics allows you to detect right away if something goes wrong. If your traffic suddenly drops off, investigate and fix the issue before it becomes a real problem. Perhaps the content needs tweaking or your call-to-action button sends the wrong message. The expression that ‘time is money’ is never truer than on Cyber Monday.

You’ve just sold out of your most-hyped product

Extra SKUs of an item were ordered and the product was heavily-promoted. Now, traffic heads into your website, but you’ve sold out earlier than planned.

Spot Patterns and Optimize on the Spot

If several visitors are hunting your most-hyped product, but you run out, use the live analytics data to have awareness of what your website traffic came for and shift your promotions accordingly. If a hyped product has sold out, change your promo or add a new teaser to suggest an alternate color or product. Don’t lose a sale simply because the item they originally came for goes out of stock.

A surge in keyword searches on your website reveals an in-demand item that you didn’t promote

You might have not anticipated certain trending keywords, but live analytics shows buyers seeking a specific item that you haven’t promoted.

See What Works Best in Real-Time

If you see that visitors to your site are seeking a specific item, jump into action. Write a new Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter post to let other shoppers know you have an in-demand item. Your Cyber Monday campaigns span a variety of channels. Is your blog post receiving the clicks you hoped for? Is there a visible increase in traffic after your new ad banners went up or the tv ad was broadcasted? Live analytics offer for a real time look at where visitors are coming from, how they found you, and what pages they are looking at. This form of instant feedback can be highly motivating and valuable.

The email campaign and expensive TV ad doesn’t seem to be working

You spent 75% of your Cyber Monday campaign on email marketing and glossy TV ads, but you can’t be sure if they’re working.

Verify Your Campaign Tracking Works

If you’re planning to send out emails or plan to push holiday promotions on social media, you need to be sure your tracking is set up correctly. One small mistake can put you in the uncomfortable situation of not being able to explain which campaign worked and which didn’t. Unfortunately, we typically find out about this when it’s too late. With live analytics you can easily test if everything works as it should. As soon as your ad airs or you hit send on an email campaign, follow your live analytics to see instantly if traffic is hitting your page or if UTM codes are getting tracked as you planned.

Your marketing team is burned out before Cyber Monday’s over and in a waiting mode to see how campaigns performed.

Your entire team worked hard to devise creative campaigns, the developers prepped your site infrastructure, and now you passively wait for results one day or one week later.

Spark Some Enthusiasm / Make Success Visible / Keep the Team Spirit Up

It's fun to get everyone together, watch your hard work pay off, and celebrate a successful campaign launch. Think about how motivating it is to see people pour into your website and check out all the fresh content and great deals you’ve prepared for them.

On Cyber Monday, the intersecting point of buyer-campaign-website have countless shifting variables. With real-time data, dexterity, and speed marketers can address the challenges and take their rightfully-earned share of the Cyber Monday pie.