Today’s digital world demands more from all of us – and it can be exhausting to keep up. So we’re sharing a round-up of your favorite Siteimprove content published in 2019, all in one place. As you kick off 2020 you can catch up on all the valuable e-books, on-demand webinars, reports and checklists that you may have missed.

Here’s a recap of our five most popular content pieces.

1. Report: Digital Insights 2019 Report

Why should I read it? 78% of consumers spend more time researching a brand online than they do in a store, yet a whopping 84% of companies say the main function of their website is merely to act as a digital brochure.

That’s just one of the revealing findings from IDG Connect and Siteimprove’s new report, ‘Digital Insights 2019: How marketers confront the obstacles of customer engagement.’

If you’re one of the 64% of organizations struggling to develop well-targeted and relevant content, join the thousands of marketers who’ve downloaded our report this year and learn how to confront the obstacles of digital customer engagement.

2. Webinar: Understand How People with Low Vision Use the Internet

Why should I watch it? Join the hundreds of people who’ve watched our on-demand Siteimprove Talks webinar to understand how people with low vision use the internet.

You’ll learn how low-vision users interact with websites and mobile apps, design choices that make or break user experiences for a range of low-vision needs, and tips for how to quickly and easily test your own website’s accessibility level.

3. Webinar: Three Ways to Get Better Google Ads Results


Why should I watch it? Do you want to learn how to drive more traffic to your website, optimize your landing pages to increase conversions, and ensure your paid search strategy is cost-effective?

You’re not alone. In this popular webinar, watched more than 500 times, Siteimprove’s Ads experts share three actionable ways to get bigger and better results from your Google Ads campaigns.

4. ebook: Guide Book to Digital Campaign Analytics


Why should I read it? Do you know if you met your organization’s digital goals in 2019? Have you established a strategy to accurately track your campaign performance in 2020? If the answer is no, our free Guide to Digital Campaign Analytics is essential reading.

Get insights into the importance of analytics in digital campaigns so you can get a true picture of your performance. Our guide will show you simple, actionable ways to measure your success in the year ahead.

5. Checklist: Your Checklist for Increasing Website Speed


Why should I read it? Google has said that a slow webpage loading speed can have a ‘severe negative effect on your business metrics.’

If your website doesn’t load in the two seconds expected by consumers, what can you do to avoid them abandoning you in favor of a quicker competitor? Our checklist for increasing website speed lists concrete measures you can take to speed up your website, fast.

If you’d like to see our most-downloaded content from 2018, please check out last year’s list.

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