Let’s take a rundown of Siteimprove’s most downloaded e-books, checklists, and handbooks from 2018. 

Perhaps there was valuable content you missed? Maybe your web team still benefits from clear-cut guides and actionable tips? See what other organizations were reading about in 2018 and catch up on topics relevant to your own organization.

Here’s a recap of our five most popular content pieces with a little insider information on who was reading it.

Number 5: Web Accessibility Checklist for Content Editors

This checklist points out eight key areas of a web page that content editors should be mindful of when delivering accessible content. Page structure, titles, text, links, images, lists, readability, and video and audio are the topics covered in this piece.

Our Analytics indicates that readers in the EU were the biggest downloaders of this content.

Number 4: The All-in-One Digital Accessibility E-book

This e-book covers 14 different topics around the subject of digital accessibility. It offers statistics proving why accessibility is good for your business. It provides 13 tips for improving your website for mobile users while still ensuring accessibility. There are also guides for accessible website multimedia, guides for semantic markup, and lots more! It is truly comprehensive. This e-book is one every web editor should download!

Coming as no surprise, this report was a favorite worldwide and widely downloaded across all our markets.

Number 3: The Must-Have Accessibility Handbook

This handbook is a beginner’s guide for users starting on the path to an accessible website. It’s relevant for web designers, web editors, web developers, and web managers. Through it, you learn how to get an overview of your website’s accessibility needs or errors. We describe priority issues and explain how to fix those errors using Siteimprove.

We found that our users in North America were most hungry for this guide.

Number 2: Web Accessibility 101: What You Need to Know

This infographic is a descriptive visual presentation covering website accessibility. It highlights who is affected, guides you to which standards you should follow, offers actionable tips for achieving an accessible website right away, explains why it’s good for business, and suggests how to automate your accessibility efforts.

Everyone loves an infographic and our readers in the U.S. found this content most valuable.

Number 1: GDPR: Working Together for a Compliant Website - How Your Web, IT, and Marketing Teams Impact GDPR Compliance

Siteimprove breaks down EU GDPR legislation and details what it means for your website. We explain the risks of non-compliance and offer concrete tips for web teams, IT teams, and marketing teams who are getting on the road to compliance.

Our most downloaded content was this GDPR E-Book and users in France could not get enough. They downloaded this content far more than all other regions.

Bear in mind, these e-books, handbooks, and checklists are just the most downloaded pieces. We have a full library of content on SEO, Accessibility, GDPR, and more. Feel free to download as many white papers, insight reports, or e-books that you like.

With that said, 2018 was last year. It’s now 2019 and we at Siteimprove are all about living in the now. We’ve already started writing fresh new content to help you deliver an exceptional website. Thank you for checking out our work last year. We look forward to topping it all this year.



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