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Our solution is designed to cover the full range of your digital needs. Depending on your requirements, our products can be combined in various combinations to fit your needs. Get acquainted with the key features of our products on this page, then reach out to us about what will work best for your organization.


Provide an accessible website experience for everyone


  • Automated accessibility checks according to your WCAG compliance goals
  • Guidance and practical recommendations for how to fix accessibility issues
  • Page reports, including highlighted issues that exist on a single page
  • Issue categorization show you where in content issues occur, conformance level, and difficulty
  • Checks for PDFs
  • Compliance monitoring and historical progress


Quality Assurance

Create error-free, trustworthy content


  • Automated quality assurance checks
  • Readability results to help ensure your web content is easy to scan
  • Broken links and spelling checks with prioritized fixes based on pageviews
  • Customizable brand dictionary to speed up spell checks
  • Automated content inventory gives you an overview of all your website content



Grow your organization through organic traffic


  • 70+ SEO checks
  • On-page diagnostics, including an SEO score, issues, and prioritized recommendations
  • ActivFity Plans that help you direct your SEO efforts to achieve your specific goals
  • Keyword discovery, suggestions, and monitoring
  • Built-in content optimization
  • Duplicate content finder
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Search engine analytics



Optimize your paid marketing efforts


  • Quality Score analysis
  • Landing page optimization
  • Budget analysis
  • An overview of the most impactful or easiest to implement changes



Get insight into visitor behaviour and optimize your website accordingly


  • Key Metrics for custom goal and KPI tracking
  • Custom Funnels for conversion tracking
  • Behaviour Maps, including click, scrolling, and heat maps
  • Campaign monitoring, including a UTM link builder, performance monitoring, and goal completions
  • On-page user surveys
  • Live analytics for real-time visitor snapshots
  • User Journeys tracking



Deliver a faster website experience


  • Visitor Profiles for measuring page performance from multiple countries, networks speeds, and devices
  • Google Lighthouse score and progress graph
  • Visitor loading experience and performance timeline
  • Asset location map to see which servers your assets are stored on
  • Session replay video for your page loading sequence
  • Actionable and shareable recommendations for a faster site


Data Privacy

Protect personal data on your website


  • IP and Domain Maps, including registration and expiration information
  • Automated Personal Data Inventory, including emails, phone numbers, and ID numbers
  • Universal Search for easy personal data removal
  • Privacy and security policies for issues like exposed credit card numbers
  • Cookie Tracker that shows how you handle cookies on your site
  • User Action Logs to document changes